My goal is to assist individuals to think for themselves, free of external intellectual coercion or self-imposed political correctness.  But not only that: I would like to see kindred spirits do as the saintly George Orwell enjoined us to do, "To speak Truth to power!"
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My Shakespeare, rise....

Who, precisely, wrote the greatest plays in the English language and how, and why, were they attributed to the illiterate front man from Stratford-on-Avon? Neither of the Stratford man's parents could read nor write nor did the Stratford man teach his own children how to read or write. Most peculiar. The simple answer is that William Shakespeare from Stratford did not in fact write the plays attributed to him but that they are the works of the immensely educated and well traveled 17th Earl of Oxford, Edward de Vere.  

With the above in mind, not only have modern Stratfordians got the authorship issue wrong--worse--they have served to reinforce and perpetuate the illegitimate power base that silenced Oxford, and that is something for which they cannot be forgiven.

For the intellectually curious, I encourage you to read my book:

Paradigm Shift: Shake-speare (Jonson's Introductory Poems to the 1623 Folio and Oxford as Shake-speare), by Odysseus Er (the pen name for Vaughn Klingenberg), NonConformist Press, 975 County Road C2 West, Roseville MN USA 55113 (January, 1999), 119 pages; $10.00 USD (includes shipping and handling).

Paradigm Shift: Shake-speare (Jonson's Introductory Poems to the 1623 Folio and Oxford as Shakes-speare), by Odysseus Er (pen name for Vaughn Klingenberg).
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