My goal is to assist individuals to think for themselves, free of external intellectual coercion or self-imposed political correctness.  But not only that: I would like to see kindred spirits do as the saintly George Orwell enjoined us to do, "To speak Truth to power!"
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Hamlet-Christ, by Odysseus Er (pen name for Vaughn Klingenberg).

A Judeo-Christian interpretation of Shakespeare's Hamlet.  The exhaustive, comprehensive, and definitive interpretation of the most famous play in Western literature.  Included in the interpretation are the three levels of historical allusion on which the play operates: the period of first century Jerusalem in which Christ lived and was crucified, the period of the Norman conquest of England, and the period of Elizabethan England at the time of the Earl of Essex and Edward de Vere (the true author of the Shakespearean corpus).  A must read for anyone interested in uncovering the architecture and content of Hamlet.  An excellent gift for Christmas or Easter reading!  442 pages.

To order this book, send $20.00 USD to NonConformist Press, 975 County Road C2 West, Roseville MN USA 55113.
Hamlet-Christ, by Odysseus Er (the pen name for Vaughn Klingenberg).
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